Jan. 8th, 2006 12:53 am
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I heart fantasygoatAmong the things I noticed yesterday was the new Evacuation Route signs posted on some Boston highways now. In the event of an emergency, I plan to avoid those routes, since I suspect the only evacuation on them will be from people stepping out of the jammed traffic to evacuate their bladders. Man, if ever an issue called for being taken up by a Muscular Democrat (do they exist anymore?) it's this one. The Interstates have proven themselves utterly useless for mass evacuations. We saw what happened with Katrina. When Rita came around, even people with cars wound up making U turns and taking their chances in Houston on account of the jammed traffic. This really is a grave matter for national security.

The current issue of First Things has an article by Pope Benedict. And while I know that he has staff to make sure such things are handled smoothly and Correctly, I can't help grinning at the notion of the Vicar of Christ submitting an article through the same editorial vetting as the other contributors to the journal. Could you imagine sending his manuscript back for revision? Well, his Boss did wash people's feet once. Haven't read the article yet, though.

Continuing to read Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis, and it's hitting really painfully close to home. Between the lines, on every page, Amis tells me "ocschwar, you know what you have to do." But, I do not own a wakizashi, nor a katana for my second. So the Honorable Deed will have to wait a while.

Also continuing to read up on the latest in archaeology. And it's getting seriously exciting. Old Testament era finds are getting dug up. Several clay signet seals have been found in Jerusalem, bearing names mentioned in Chronicles and Jeremiah. A dig is being done on what might be David's palace (which naturally enough is not much larger than a McMansion).


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